Hey hope whoever is reading this had a great day cause mine was amazing thanks to the people VVLC ( Sheikh Zayed branch ). I wasn’t planning on writing a whole blog about it but since so many of you wanted to know the details about it. I thought why not.
Firstly I would like to thank the lovely staff over there, they made the whole experience nothing but amazing I want for melanowhite brightening system in which your blackheads are being removed, encourages the shedding of dead skin cells from within the follicle which helps to the pores clear of cellular debris, treating skin breakout and lightens the appearance of dark spots , prevent the production of skin pigments caused by sun or hormonal changes and hydrates your skin.
Yes it did do all of that and my skin feels as soft as babys butt , I couldn’t be happier.They do offer quiet a range of services and treatments e.g for Anti acne, Body therapy that stops fat forming, Anti hair loss treatment and all these treatments are non-surgical. You can check out their website and Instagram.



I am answering some of the most asked questions below , hopefully it’ll cover up everything .
1. Was it painful ?
No nothing was painful at all I didn’t even felt she is doing anything with my face .

2. How much is it for ?
Melanowhite costs 450 dhs per session .

3. Is it worth the price ?

Well I think it could have been a bit less but the treatment was great so you can go head

4. How was the staff?
The staff is super super nice and helpful

Thanks for reading and do let me know if this was helpful.


Lots of love – Mariam.

SKIN CARE BLOG (perfect for ‘Eid)

HEY GUYS! I know it’s been ages that I haven’t posted a blog and I am so sorry but I promise it’s going to be just what you’re looking for before Eid . Even though I did a skin care video on my Instagram a lot of you still asked me for easy homemade masks and I thought this is exactly the time to do it since all of us need a bit of glow after Ramadan.
Not just that it’ll make your skin smoother and definitely brighter. Let’s just get right into it.

This mask is like bomb.com, its right on top of my list, try it out if you have tanned a lil too much in this heat
1. Peel the orange and dry them ( It takes a day or so , I wouldn’t recommend drying it under the sun )
2. Blend the dried peels until you get them in a powder form.
3. Then take 1 tbsp. of this powder, add a tbsp. of yoghurt and milk.
4. Mix it well
5. And apply it for 20 to 25 mins then wash it off

orange peel


If you don’t have rice flour don’t worry just take a tbs. of rice and blend it, you get your very own homemade rice flour.
1. Take half spoon of rice flour ( don’t put more than that cause it will make the mask very thick and it would be hard to apply )
2. One spoon of yogurt, a bit of turmeric powder, honey and some drops of lemon.
3. Mix everything well.
4. Apply it for 10 to 15 mins till its dry then wash it off.

page hip


I use this mask once or twice a week cause it hydrates your lips and makes them so soft and glossy, it’s very simple.
1. Take one spoon of brown sugar ,
2. A bit of olive oil
3. Mix it well till it sticks together
4. And rub the scrub onto the lips for 1 or 2 mins
5. Wash it off .



I hardly apply something on my hair because I am so lazy and I am so done with using so many products on my hair and not getting any result but recently I tried this mask, it made my hair shiny and so soft.
1. Take one avocado & olive oil.
2. Blend them together until they end up like a paste.
3. Add some lemon drops and apply it all over your head.
4. Make sure to apply in your roots and, massage it well.
5. After 1hr wash it off and you would have the shiniest hair ever.



Hope these help you out and get the perfect look before Eid. Make sure you tell about them and if it made any difference. Follow me on instagram@mariam_mhd



Last week I  got to visit this heavenly little place called Srilanka .I feel like I always end up traveling to places which I  have never really planned of.it definitely adds the spontaneous element which is always fun.

I went there for a week with few of my friends and sister. We thought of exploring different cities but you can only do so much in seven days. The first two days were spent in Colombo in this beautiful hotel I will link down all the hotels we stayed in.

Then we left for Kandy which turned out to be my favorite ,I got to do something I had on my bucket list, you guys would have seen the pictures by now ,yes I’m talking about the ‘ah so amazing ‘elephant ride, feeding Elephants. After traveling for 3 hrs We all went tea picking, which Srilanka’s famous for. We also got to try lots of different teas ,my inner desi was definitely satisfied. It felt like being in a romantic 80s song, all of us went a bit cray crazy for the view and took gazillion pictures.

One thing I  would recommend you guys to do if your into doing something adventurous would be going on top of Adams peak .Bear in mind guys it’s not something easy, it takes about 2 to 3  hrs  but for us it was different it took us 6 hrs  cause we hardly do any exercise, there are about 6000 steps but all of that are worth the view. We started at around 12am as we planned on watching the sunset and oh boy let me tell you it was breathtaking Ps: going down is’nt easier either  

We finally came back to our hotels at around 3 pm and did’nt even have time to relax cause we were leaving the next morning. But everything we did was worth doing trust me its one of my best trips. 

Thank you for taking your time out.

Love each and one of you





This month I came across some amazing stuff so I thought why not jot it all down and do a monthly favorites for you guys , lets jump right into it .


First thing in my list is a skin care product. “DROPS OF YOUTH” from “THE BODY SHOP” it’s a bouncy sleeping mask, Helps in refreshing and smoothing the skin. I think it’s going to be my favorite for a long time, it makes your skin so fresh and soft .


Next on my list is this amazing palette from “REVLON” “EYES, CHEEKS & LIPS” its 3 in 1 you don’t have to carry so many products, just take this palette and you are good to go.

This ‘LUSH’ LIP SCRUB is something your lips need. The taste is so good that it’s hard controlling yourself from just licking your lips after applying. You must try this out.

This lip gloss is from “COLORPOP SHADE ARE&BE” its actually purplish not pinkish and trust me it stays forever.

Perfume- “JUSTIN BIEBER”, I got this as a gift and have loved it ever since for its floral and fresh scent.

“A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS” I couldn’t stop reading this book, I  have heard a lot about this book and it definitely lived up to its hype, I know a lot of you would’ve probably read this one but if haven’t  you should definitely pick it up asap.


Look at these sunglasses aren’t they so cool got them from “ALDO” & this necklaces and rings from “FOREVER 21”

                          BOYFRIEND JEANS are must have, you can style them up in so many different ways.


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                                       Hope you have a lovely week , warm hugs*


The last exit 

I absolutely loved this place , it has so much to offer. It gives off a very chilled fun vibes where you can just grab something to eat and just hangout with your friends and family. It can get crowded but honestly it’s worth a visit because of all the mouth watering food that is available. (Do try the lobster sandwich from urban seafood ) 

Thank you for reading ❤️

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                      EID MUBARAK


      I hope you guys had a blessed and a meaty Eid , I know it’s late for “Eid blog” but I figured since everyone’s been busy with the never ending BBQ parties no one would  honestly have time to go through my blog.

(Using way too much brain these days )


Anyhow, the first day, I just slept in my pj’s all day after having breakfast of a champion and of course the Eid prayer . As ‘EID UL ADHA’ is pretty laid-back we just planned to catch up with our friends over lunch and have a pretty chill day. My first day outfit was still hanging in the cupboard so I thought why not go all desi, I’ll insert some pictures here as well in case you don’t follow me or Pakistan vogue on insta who featured me in their best Eid looks ( shameless self promotion ) .



Wearing ‘AL KARAM’ Heels ‘MAX’



The third day, when I constantly had to be reminded that Eid is still going strong as I was being sucked into posting  ‘everything on fleek posts’  I decided to get my ass up and meet my friend , it was just a usual hangout but since I had been going through all the gorgeous Eid outfits I decided  dressing up a bit .


Dress ‘ ZARA’ Sunglasses ‘ALDO’





  If you’re still here then “ thank you” hope it was worth your time

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5 Best Makeup Products Under 100 Dhs


1.I am using this foundation from a while now it’s one of the best daily wear foundations if you ask me, the coverage you get is amazing and the best thing is it’s under 100 dhs. Price: 89 Dhs


2. This eyeliner is great for beginners, it gives you such a perfect wing eyeliner it doesn’t smudge it really lasts all day. Price: 57 Dhs


3. I just love this color, so easy to wear, I carry this lipstick everywhere. One of my favorite lipsticks highly recommended but sadly mine one just got finished and now it’s out of stock. Shade: Fierce redoubtable 265 Price: 64 Dhs


4. I loveee this highlighter it gives such a great glow ,its pigmented ,soft and good to go for whole day and you can use this as a shadow as well . Price: 90 Dhs


5. How can I not add this remover in the list, it is waterproof eye makeup remover it works so good just swipe and it’s off. Price: 18 Dhs

Eid look

 Hey, I wanted to do a makeup look for you guys and at last got time to do so, as Eid is just around the corner I thought it would be perfect to do a Eid look , I hope you guys love it enough to try it.



These all are the products that I used for this look



And Can we just take a moment to appreciate this foundation, oh my god this foundation is love it’s one of the best best foundations I have ever used , the coverage that you get from this foundation is amazingg.






page (2)

I honestly love this highlighter I guess it’s one of the best highlighters I have ever used , it’s from ‘the balm”




I just got this palette in my hands some days a ago and I was super excited to play with the colors , I used these three colors which have been circled for this particular look and it’s from “Morphe”






And in last I used this spray ,It’s actually really good, it makes your makeup stay for quite long




Love Mariam .

Trip to Maldives


with local kids


Hat: Splash, sunglasses: Aldo, shirt: Splash, dress: max, bag: forever21, shoes: forever21





Headpiece: forever21, scarf: local shop, shirt: splash, pants: forever21, shoes: forever21


Some days back I went to the most beautiful place ever , honestly this all was so unexpected for me traveling to Maldives, it was never in my list to go to Maldives and especially with my sister lol ,our trip was for 4 days and 3 nights , my trip was amazing I did really unexpected things as I am not a huge fan of water activities but this time I actually managed to have fun , I did snorkeling it was so amazing there’s another world under water it is breathtaking , other than that I did sailing , turtle chasing , island hopping , yoga ,watched dolphins dancing and spinning, watched epic crab race and my crab won , and all of these activities were worth doing , I had great time there and I enjoyed the most I could .

Do and Don’ts

  • If you’re going to Maldives or any place like that and you wanna do water activities , than don’t take makeup cause I took so much of makeup and I hardly used anything
  • Make sure to take sun block but I don’t think that it works cause I got tan the very first day but something is better than nothing
  • Just take flip-flops cause it’s all sandy and water
  • And and the most important thing is if want you use snapchat honestly their wifi is quite slow on whole island cause as we were living on local island not on resort so I would suggest to get data
  • The food was alright I would not say it was really good , the flavors are different but make sure to take snacks with you


Love Mariam